Gabriel Pazos began his gastronomic journey around the fire in his native country of Uruguay, where every Sunday his family gathers around the fire to cook and tell stories.

After venturing into several New York City kitchens, he began working at luxury events where the central attraction was open-fire cooking. Traveling around Europe and Latin America, Gabriel embraced his roots and passion for open-fire cooking techniques and maximized his talent around the grills.

Chef Gabriel and his wife Paula established Gauchonfire in 2014 with a desire to elevate the dining experience offering their guests and clients a unique feeling of comfort by blending Uruguayan traditions, passion for design, and love for hospitality.

Our larger-than-life food garden is here to cater to your cravings. We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite local restaurants to offer the absolute best festival fare. From sweets to heartier options, delicious options abound. VIP ticket holders also have access to expanded offerings, including dishes prepared in-person by Gabriel Pazos, the acclaimed chef behind Gauchonfire.